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Back to dry land!

Quetico 04_miniHow ironic that after two posts¬† about the water, I am literally surrounded by its effects. After a week of experiencing rain and flooding in Southern Alberta, I am thankful to be dry and safe. It’s the same feeling you have after paddling all day on a choppy lake and finally being able to wander on dry land amongst the trees. I love the land as much as I love the water, and can’t imagine a life without either.


Now that’s water!

Quetico 19_miniWith the right canoe, a lot of skill, and a little bit of luck, you can navigate rapids. That’s not the case with waterfalls. I read about kayakers who navigate falls in high water conditions. I cannot even imagine taking my canoe, or any kayak,¬† down the falls.

Instead, I choose to stay on land, portage the my gear around the fury, and find a nice rock to sit on and sketch. I conquer my falls with a pen, not a paddle.

Get close to the water

Quetico 21_miniNo sooner than I step off the boat and onto the land, I want to get back to the water.

The French River may be a bit too ferocious for my little canoe, so I am happy to sit on the banks of the river, watching the rapids and thinking about how the Voyageurs must have negotiated this stretch of water and land. I am truly inspired by this historical setting.

Get close to the trees

Quetico 24_mini

Whenever I paddle through the Canadian Shield, I am drawn to the trees. Wonderfully expressive pines watching over the lake. Every time I paddle by one of these guys, I want to stop and spend some time in their presence. I can’t get enough of them. It’s no wonder that artists have been drawn to this land.