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Oh Snap!

Quetico 34_miniI took a walk through the blowdown and was in awe of the fragility of a forest. Trees seem so strong and permanent. Wind and fire can change them so quickly.

In spite of the “destruction”, I find this landscape compelling with its own beauty. I love the angles created, and find the various layers and hues of the deterioration quite beautiful. And after all, it’s all part of the lifecycle of the forest.



Quetico 33_miniSometimes Nature takes a more active hand in the life cycle of a forest. Discovering a blowdown while paddling along the shore can be quite startling. It always makes me pause and consider how the force of wind can so easily decimate something so immense.

A half hour down the lake, and you’re back to paddling along an unspoiled old growth forest. This diversity is one of the things I love about Quetico.

Return to the earth

Quetico 13_miniAlong the portage route, you will often pass the detritus of the forest… rotting stumps that have their own personality and beauty. The one on the left almost looks like a bear considering whether he should climb the tree.

On a long portage it’s easy to create a narrative from the characters you meet on the way. It helps pass the time until you get into that lake again!